Our friendly instructors have a lot of experience with both the riding and teaching side of skateboarding.

Each coach has undergone training, holds a current Working With Children clearance and has completed their First Aid training.

Skate Now skateboarding school's instructors
Coach Danny from Skate Now executing a frontside nollie on his skateboard


Danny caught the skateboarding bug from an early age and has been riding ever since. He skates a range of terrains including street, ramp and skatepark. He’s also helped many students develop their skill and confidence on a skateboard.

His broad experience with both riding and instructing, coupled with a passion for helping students reach their goals, means you’ll be in great hands when you book a Skate Now lesson.

Staff member from Skate Now skateboarding school's team performing a kickflip at Bondi Beach


Nevada specialises in teaching beginner’s how to skate. She has the ability to break down the steps into easy to follow instructions, which works for both adults and kids alike.

Nevada has a lifetime of experience working with kids, making her great at keeping a good balance of fun and learning whilst managing risk. She’s intuitive with her coaching, and troubleshooting to ensure good technique.