My First Skateboard Book – by Karl Watson

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Introduce your little one to the fun of skateboarding with “My First Skateboard Book” by Karl Watson, featuring authentic illustrations, historic skate spots, and uplifting messages of friendship and perseverance.


  • 32 page hardback book
  • Vibrant illustrations capturing the essence of skate culture
  • Inspires active engagement in skateboarding.
  • Promotes friendship, resilience, and pursuing goals

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My First Skateboard Book – By Karl Watson


Introducing “My First Skateboard Book” by Karl Watson, a fantastic children’s tale that transports young readers into the exciting world of skateboarding. Written by Karl Watson, a professional skater with over 30 years of riding experience, this book serves as a heartfelt invitation to inspire future generations to embrace the fun and passion of skateboarding.

One of the standout features of this book is the incredible illustrations by Henry Jones, a renowned artist within the skateboarding community. With his distinctive cartoon style and a deep understanding of skate culture, Henry brings the pages to life, capturing amazing tricks, historic skate spots like EMB and China Banks, and infusing them with vibrant energy and humor. Each illustration is a visual treat, enhancing the narrative and captivating young readers with every turn of the page.

“My First Skateboard” goes beyond the thrills of skateboarding and delves into some core values, such as friendship and perseverance. Karl Watson’s genuine love for skateboarding shines through as he shares his personal experiences and imparts positive life lessons.

Experience the magic of skateboarding and ignite the imaginations of young readers with “My First Skateboard Book” by Karl Watson. Purchase your copy today and let the adventures begin!