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About Us

SKATE NOW: Your Skateboarding Destination!

How it all started, the story behind our safe, fun and inclusive skateboarding lessons and online skate shop…

Our Story

Building on the legacy of the Kman skate school at The Entertainment Quarter, Skate Now began in 2012 with just a handful of private lessons at Bondi Beach skatepark. Things grew quickly and before long we were teaching 30+ kids a day at various school and OOSH centres throughout the East, Inner West and further afield.

Our program, which is based on graded progression, safety, inclusion and most importantly fun, evolved at a rapid pace during this time, as we further developed and honed our teaching methods and techniques.

As safety has always been a top priority, we sourced premium grade protective equipment and skateboards to provide for free to students at our lessons. We also designed our own portable beginner to intermediate level skate obstacles, so students could learn to ride ramps, rails, manual pads and ledges in an easily accessible and safe way.

We’ve now grown to be Sydney’s most experienced and best skateboarding service provider. In 2020 we were selected by City of Sydney to run a series of learn-to-skate programs at their newly opened facility at Sydney Park.

Today, we continue to grow and help thousands of students build skills and gain confidence every year.

We make learning to ride a skateboard easy

Learning to skate can be quite challenging, involve a lot of ‘learning the hard way’ and skateparks can be crowded and intimidating places. We break down the barriers with easy-to-follow step by step instruction, giving students a pathway to gain skills and confidence and to understand skatepark etiquette.

Many students and parents are surprised at how quickly you can progress with the guidance of a Skate Now instructor.

Our Mission

To provide high quality skateboarding lessons with a strong focus on safety, skill development, creativity and most importantly fun, whilst staying true to skateboarding’s unique core culture.


If you would like to find out more about our skateboarding programs, please contact us.

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