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Instructor Bios

Our amazing team of experienced instructors are ready to help you take your skateboarding skills to the next level. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned skater, our low-risk, step-by-step approach allows you to progress at your own pace while staying safe. Our instructors are trained experts in teaching the basics to both kids and adults in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. Experience safe, practical and fun skateboarding lessons with Skate Now.


Head Coach and Founder

Danny, the Director of Skate Now, has been a Skateboarding coach for 13 years. He started out at Kman, Australia’s first Skateboarding school, and has undergone instructor training with the AIS. He’s helped thousands of students of all ages and skill levels to gain confidence and progress in their riding.

He skates every day and is dedicated to making Skateboarding accessible to everyone. Danny is also passionate about art and takes a creative approach in delivering world-class Skateboarding programs.


Head Coach and Coordinator

Nevada is an integral part of the team at Skate Now, where she handles bookings and works on school, OOSH, and council programs. She specializes in teaching beginners, and her unique approach breaks down the basics into easy-to-follow steps that can be understood by students of all ages. With extensive experience working with kids, Nevada strikes a perfect balance between fun and learning while managing risk.

She is an intuitive coach who can quickly identify and correct technique issues, while also providing comfort and support when needed. Nevada has delivered thousands of learn to skate programs at aftercare and vacation-care centers, as well as school sports programs. With her patient and supportive teaching style, she is able to help students of all ages and skill levels to gain confidence and progress on their boards.


Group Lesson Head Coach

Mark is one of our most experienced coaches and he’s also completed a degree in Primary Education. His lessons involve easy-to-follow steps that are delivered with plenty of humour. In fact, by the end of a lesson with Mark we guaranteed all students will be rolling confidently on their boards, as well as on the floor in laughter!

He’s been working with kids for over 10 years and has a strong understanding of how to structure a lesson to allow all kids, regardless of their ability, to build confidence and develop their ‘skater skills’.


Coaching All-Rounder

Tim is just as at home skating an urban street plaza as he is snowboarding the powdery slopes of a Canadian mountain. He’s also had a lot of experience with action sports coaching, both with children in the K-12 range as well as adults in team building exercises.

Tim has a degree in Sport & Event Management as well as Certificate III &  IV in Fitness. He is also great with kids, enthusiastic and patient.


Coaching All-Rounder

Tom has 7 years of riding experience and over 2 years’ experience working in skate education. He’s an all-rounder and excels at running private lessons, group lessons, intermediate programs and kids skateboard parties.

Toms’ passion and enthusiasm for skateboarding and helping kids develop their skill and confidence really shows in his lessons.


Coaching All-Rounder

Ben is a skate and surf instructor, and he’s been skating himself for over 10 years. He’s an all-rounder coach and runs regular private and group lessons as well as intermediate programs.

He’s passionate about coaching, and likes the satisfaction of seeing a students eyes light up after they’ve nailed a new move he’s just taught them.

Ben is also a keen camper, and loves to go on surf safaris up and down the NSW coast.


Head Coach

Jamey is a highly accomplished park and street skateboarder, who’s been riding for over 10 years, and working as an instructor for 5 years. He’s passionate about teaching people of all ages and abilities, and specialises in teaching intermediate to advanced level riding.

Jamey can be seen skating many of the local parks, hitting handrails, gaps, ledges and riding both street and transition with his trademark fluid style.


Coaching All-Rounder

Lorand is an experienced and personable skate instructor who has taught lessons in London and has been riding for over a decade. With two years of teaching experience under his belt, Lorand has developed a teaching style that is adaptable to all ages and skill levels, from beginner basics to more advanced tricks. He is passionate about helping his students build their confidence and achieve their goals on a board.

In addition to his work as a skate instructor, Lorand is also a talented artist and animator, and brings his creativity and enthusiasm to his skate lessons. His ability to connect with his students and create a fun, relaxed learning environment has made him a popular choice for parents and kids alike.