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Private Skateboard Lessons

Take your skateboarding to the next level!

Unlock your potential and nail your dream tricks and moves with personalised instruction.

Elevate your skateboarding game with Skate Now private lessons

Our private lessons are tailored to your unique needs and skill level, allowing you to have more focussed attention and learn quicker. Our experienced instructors are available at five convenient locations across Sydney, including Chatswood, Meadowbank, Redfern Oval, St Ives and Sydney Park.

Additional locations may be available upon request. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes, click the button below to book your spot, and start mastering skateboarding today!


Advance your skateboarding with customised private lessons…

Our private lessons are designed to take beginners to the next level quickly, with expert instruction and customized techniques tailored to your skill level. We will assess your current abilities and set clear goals for you to achieve, creating a personalized lesson plan that will focus on your specific needs, whether it’s acquiring basics, troubleshooting technique or building your balance.

Intermediate riders will also benefit from expert tips and challenges that are tailored to their ability level. We can also help you master a specific trick such as an ollie or drop-in.

We offer a range of pricing options, including stand-alone private lessons and multi-pack options, such as our new school holiday 5-packs and classic 8-packs, with further savings available with Active Kids vouchers. Plus, our low additional rider fee makes it easy to share the experience with a sibling, friend, or even a private group. Book your session today and start mastering Skateboarding.

Active Kids Vouchers – Save on Skateboarding Lessons

Skate Now is proud to be an approved Active Kids provider. We’re excited to offer $50 rebates on our Private Lesson Multipacks and Group Lesson term bookings to parents of school-aged children in NSW.

With Active Kids vouchers, you can subsidise the cost of your child’s skateboarding lessons and help them unlock their potential. To find out more information or to sign up for an Active Kids voucher, visit the Service NSW website¬†here

A graphic of a child skateboarder with text overlay "Approved Provider. Claim Your Active Kids Voucher now - Valid for All School-Aged Children"

Master skateboarding in record time with our private lessons – fewer session, quicker progress!

Our private skateboarding are designed to help you learn faster, and gain independence in the shortest time possible. And if you need additional help in the future, we’re just a click away. Learn more via our FAQs and¬†Blog.


Contact us for Skateboarding Lesson info and shop our online Skate Store.

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