Ace Trucks AF1 – Raw Polished


Unparalleled strength and game-changing performance make these the top choice for both core skaters and young shredders looking for a premium quality truck.


  • Unparalleled strength and durability
  • Precision-engineered design
  • Optimal responsiveness


ACE AF1 Raw Polished Trucks


Discover the revolutionary ACE AF1 trucks, designed to deliver unparalleled performance while staying true to the original Ace geometry. Crafted with precision using Ace’s proprietary casting process, these trucks represent a true game-changer in the world of skateboarding.

With years of dedicated development, the ACE AF1 boasts an impressive 70% increase in aluminum’s structural integrity, solidifying its position as the strongest cast truck on the market. Ace have also made significant improvements to the sizing of our 44 thru 77 models, ensuring an ideal fit across various board widths.

ACE AF1 trucks are meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of any skate session, providing the reliability and performance needed for an exceptional riding experience.

Whether you’re a parent seeking top-notch equipment for your child’s skateboarding journey or a dedicated skater looking for a high performance truck, Ace is the perfect choice. Explore our selection and take your skateboarding to the next level!


Technical Specs


• Hanger width: 5.6” (143mm)
• Truck height: 2.1” (53mm)
• Manufactured with high-quality AA 356.2 alloy using our own proprietary casting method
• True T6 heat-treated baseplates and hangers
• SAE 4140 steel alloy axles, oversized to eliminate bearing wobble.
• Patent pending rethreading axle nuts – no more damaged axle ends!
• Durable Hand-poured 96a urethane pivot bushings for better response.
• Refined suspension for a cleaner turn.
• Top Bushing: 12mm tall | 91a hardness
• Bottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm tall | 86a hardness
• Machine-faced hanger ends for precise bearing contact.


Size Chart Ace AF1 & Classic Trucks


Ace Trucks Sizing Chart - Size Chart for Classic Ace Trucks and AF1s

Sizing Chart for Ace Trucks – AF1 and Classic Models

About Ace Trucks


Founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay and Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge, ACE trucks set out to create the ultimate performing trucks for skateboarding. With a growing team and increasing popularity, ACE persevered through formative years, leading to a pivotal moment in 2021 with the release of the AF1, the strongest cast truck on earth. ACE is now a highly sought-after brand with global availability

Ace trucks logo with interlinked ring lettering in red and the words "TRUCKS MFG" in black below, on a white background.