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Break the Screen Time Cycle: How to Get Your Kids Hyped on Skateboarding

As a skate school and shop, we understand the challenge of getting kids interested in skateboarding when screens are constantly drawing in their attention. That’s why we’ve come up with six easy ways to help you get your kids away from screens and out into the world of skateboarding.

A triumphant Chloe Covell lifted into the air by friends on the Street League Skateboarding course in Sydney. The enthusiastic crowd forms a lively backdrop, echoing the excitement of the moment.

Inspire Your Child by Taking Them to a Demo or Competition

Watching other skateboarders perform and compete can be an exciting way to inspire your child and help them increase their engagement with the sport. Look out for local skateboarding events or competitions such as King of Concrete and international events such as Vans Park Series and Street league Skateboarding (SLS) who periodically host events in Australia, and take your child along to see some live skateboarding action.

In a lively scene from the SLS event in Sydney, Chloe Covell runs toward the camera with ecstatic energy. Her skateboard raised in celebration, Chloe wears a vibrant pink t-shirt, black baggy skate pants, and Nike SB shoes. The image captures the essence of her excitement and passion for the sport.

Fueling Skateboard Passion Online: Exciting Streams for Kids and Teens

While watching skateboarding online may seem counterproductive to the goal of getting kids off devices, it can be a way to inspire them and further engage them with the sport. If you’re looking for some ideas, basic online broadcasts like Dew Tour, Vans Park Series, X-Games, SLS, and the Olympics and Olympic qualifiers can provide plenty of excitement and inspiration. While local skateboarding events may be harder to find online, you can often catch online livestreams of bigger competitions like Bowlzilla and Vans Park Series (which has been on pause since COVID). Bear in mind that skateboarding on traditional TV channels is uncommon, yet live streams and on-demand options are typically available for free anyway.

Young skater performing a trick on a bank ramp at Sydney Park with assistance from a Skate Now instructor during a private lesson

Learn to Skate like a Pro at Sydney Park with Skate Now

Enrol Your Child in a Skateboarding Program

Our skateboarding programs are a great way to introduce your child to skateboarding in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced instructors will teach your child the fundamentals of skateboarding and help them build confidence on the board. We also help kids develop good technique, consolidate skills, and encourage a healthy mindset by fostering perseverance and goal-setting. Kids can also bring a friend and take advantage of our low rate for additional riders.

Skate Now skateboarder giving peace sign while wearing high-quality protective gear.

Enjoy Safe and Stylish Skateboarding with Skate Now

Upgrade their Equipment

Upgrade Your Child’s Skateboarding Equipment: If your child’s skateboard was purchased from a discount store or sports shop, it may lack functionality and quality, which could impact your child’s enthusiasm for skateboarding. We offer a fantastic range of beginner to pro-grade skateboards in our online skate shop. It’s also important to ensure that your child has top-grade protective gear, including pads and a helmet, that fits properly and is comfortable to wear.

Two young skaters with their instructor.

Learn Together with a Private Lesson

Book a Multipack of Private Lessons with a Friend or Family Member: Having a friend or family member join in can help spark a mutual interest in skateboarding, making it more fun to practice together and progress together. You can also book a private lesson with your child to bond with them and get active outdoors. Book a Lesson

Modern backyard oasis: Ko Ramps' 3-foot high halfpipe with clean lines, dark sides, light grey Skatelite surface, and raw timber handrails. A stylish and updated design blending seamlessly into the picturesque setting.

Modern 3ft halfpipe. Image: courtesy of Ko Ramps.

Bring the Skatepark Home: Create a Skate Space for Your Child

Creating a home skate space is a great way to encourage your child’s interest in skateboarding, and it doesn’t have to be a big or fancy setup. Even a small ramp or ledge can provide hours of entertainment and skill-building for your child. With a micro or mini halfpipe in the backyard, kids can learn and practice the basics of transition skating, which will help them feel more confident when they visit a skatepark or want to learn more advanced tricks.

Young skaters' dream: Ko Ramp quarter pipe on a concrete driveway, 2ft high, 1.2m wide, perfect for building transition skills and confidence!

Accessible, fun and portable quarter pipe. Image: courtesy of KO Ramps.

In Australia, there are several organisations that offer flatpack and assembled onsite backyard and garage mini ramp or skatepark options, such as KO Ramps and Tama Ramps, which can be great options for those who don’t have the time or expertise to build their own ramp. Additionally, ramp plans are readily available on the internet, and there are also YouTube tutorials that can guide you through the process of building your own ramp. By creating a home skate space, your child can invite over skateboarding buddies for playdates, enjoy riding together, and build social connections while having fun and practicing their skills.

Summary – Rollin’ Away from Screens

Getting kids off screens and into skateboarding is easy with these six easy ways. Inspire them with live competitions and international skate events, enroll them in a skateboarding program, upgrade their equipment, create their own skate terrain and practicing together with friends and family. These efforts will foster your child’s enthusiasm, keep them active, and limit screen time. Try our suggestions, and witness your child’s growing passion for skateboarding! 🛹🌟