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Get Ready for King of Concrete – Five Dock

The local skateboarding community is hyped up for the return of the “King of Concrete”  bowl riding comp to the iconic Five Dock Skatepark in Sydney, on the 26th of November! With a long history of high-level skateboarding comps, King of Concrete stands as one of the cornerstones of Australia’s skateboarding competition calendar. Its popularity has grown stronger since skateboarding’s debut in the Tokyo Olympics just a couple of years ago, cementing its status as an unmissable event for Sydney skateboarders and fans of park and bowl riding alike.

Ethan Copeland mid-air performing a frontside ollie

Ethan Copeland Frontside Ollie. Photo: Mark Woolley

What is King of Concrete?

King of Concrete” is a well-regarded series of skateboarding competitions that showcases the best of the best from the Australian skateboarding scene. Sanctioned by the Australian Skateboarding Federation, and hosted by transition skateboarding legend Renton Millar, this series is a significant stepping stone in the Australian competitive skateboarding pathway.

At King of Concrete events, you can expect to witness the country’s finest bowl/park riders competing. The age groups span from Open Male, Open Female, Masters, 15 and Under, 12 and Under, and 9 and Under. With such a diverse range of divisions, there’s a place for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels.

Here’s a few of the regular competitors at King of Concrete Five Dock:

Kieren Woolley
Ethan Copeland
Dylan Donini
Poppy Starr Olsen
Arisa Trew
Keefer Wilson
Marley Rae
George Richards

Dylan Donnini executing a frontside indy grab over the channel at Five Dock Skatepark

Dylan Donnini’s Backside Indy Grab Over the Channel. Photo: Eric Chen

When and Where?

The Sydney “King of Concrete” event is happening at Five Dock Skatepark, one of Australia’s best park skating facilities, and promises to be an epic experience for skaters and spectators alike. The action-packed day is scheduled for the 26th of November, so mark your calendars and get ready for an incredible display of shredding.

Five Dock Skatepark is located in the leafy Five Dock park which provides a great backdrop for this event. It’s not only a haven for core skaters but also a fantastic day out for families. Just grab a picnic rug or camping chairs and secure yourself a nice ‘posi’ to watch the action from.  Entry for spectators is completely free, making it a perfect opportunity for kids to witness young skaters their own age having a real go, and older rippers showcasing some serious skills.

Arisa Trew executing a McTwist 540 on the extension at Five Dock Skatepark

Arisa Trew Upside-Down mid 540 (McTwist) at Five Dock Skatepark. Photo: Eric Chen

What to Expect?

The “King of Concrete” at Five Dock offers more than just high level bowl riding. It’s an event with a friendly and welcoming vibe, making it an excellent place to mingle and have a chat with fellow skate enthusiasts and meet other families whose kids are also into skateboarding. Food and ice cream vans are usually on-site, so you can refuel and the kids can enjoy some  treats.

One of the great aspects of King of Concrete is the diverse range of age categories. From the fearless under 9’s to the talented open division and the battle-weary masters, there’s a competition for everyone. And yes, there are girls’ divisions for each age category, except for the masters.

Dylan Donnini executing a frontside nosegrind over the channel at Five Dock Skatepark

Dylan Donnini’s Precision Frontside Nosegrind over the channel at Five Dock Skatepark. Photo: Eric Chen

Why take your child to watch Live Local Skate Comps?

Attending local skateboarding competitions like King of Concrete provides a great platform for aspiring skateboarders to experience the thrill of competitive skating in a diverse and supportive community. These events offer a chance to witness the excitement and camaraderie of the skateboarding world, inspiring young kids to put down their screens, get outside, and explore the dynamic sport. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow skaters, make new friends, and support the growth of the skateboarding community, all while enjoying a day of skateboarding celebration.

King of Concrete at Five Dock 2023 event poster featuring a skater performing a frontside ollie over the channel in the Five Dock bowl. The poster displays the event date, event details, and the King of Concrete logo

Event Poster: King of Concrete at Five Dock 2023

Five Dock King of Concrete: Essential Info

Get ready for a family-friendly skateboarding extravaganza as the King of Concrete event comes to Five Dock Skatepark on November 26th, 2023.

Date: November 26th, 2023
Time: From 10am
Venue: Sydney Park Skatepark
Tickets: Free event for spectators / $15 for competitors to enter
Parking: Free street parking

For more info, head to Shredability King of Concrete