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New Stock Alert! – My First Skateboard Books

We’re stoked to announce that My First Skateboard Book” by Karl Watson is now available on our online skate shop! This hardcover children’s book has a captivating storyline that transports young readers into the exciting world of skateboarding. Authored by Karl Watson, a seasoned professional skater with over 30 years of riding experience, this book serves as an inspiring invitation for future generations to embrace the fun and passion of skateboarding.

A stack of "My First Skateboard" Volume 1 books on a workbench, with Volume 2 books visible behind them.


Vibrant Illustrations: Bringing Skate Culture to Life on Every Page

Highlighted by the incredible illustrations of Henry Jones, a renowned artist within the skateboarding community, each page comes to life with vibrant energy and a deep understanding of skate culture. From amazing tricks to historic skate spots like EMB and China Banks, the illustrations captivate young readers, enhancing the narrative and bringing a sense of joy and humour to the story.

Skater performing a frontside rock with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, surrounded by cheering skate buddies.

Frontside rocking a bank while friends look on!

Inspiring Values: Friendship and Perseverance

Beyond the thrills, “My First Skateboard” explores essential values such as friendship and perseverance. Drawing from his personal experiences, Karl Watson imparts positive life lessons, making this book a meaningful read for young minds.

Young skater experiencing the ups and downs of skateboarding, from frustration to triumph.

Persistence pays off! Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to learn one trick.

Unplug and Start Shredding

This book could also be a great tool to encourage kids to get off devices and into the exciting world of the positive physical activity of skateboarding.

A cool 5-year-old child sitting against a crate, fully engaged in reading "My First Skateboard Book."

Young reader engrossed in “My First Skateboard Book”

This book series is also great for parents who happened to skate when they were younger, and would like to share their love for the activity of skateboarding, these books offer a bridge between generations.

Available Now: Secure Your Copy and Ignite the Stoke for the New Generation

Both Volume 1 & 2 of the “My First Skateboard Book” series are now available on our online skate shop. Grab your copy today and let the stoke grow for the new generation of skateboarders!

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A stack of "My First Skateboard" Volume 1 and "Jonas Meets Jack" books combined, with Spitfire wheels visible behind them on a workbench.