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Are Skater Trainers Worth the Hype? We take a Closer Look

Gone are the days when skaters relied solely on endless practice and trial-and-error to improve skills. Today, the skateboarding world has embraced training methods which allow riders to learn technical, dynamic, and high-risk moves in a safer and more controlled way. From foam pits to mini mega ramps with resi mats, there are now various options available to master new tricks.

White skateboard wheel with red Skater Trainers attached.

Skater Trainers 2.0 installed

However, Resi mats and foam pits are not readily available to most skaters due to the limited presence of high-performance type facilities that house such amenities. That’s where the Skater Trainer 2.0 comes in—an affordable skate training device that offers accessibility and convenience, and can fit in your pocket!

Skateboarder setting up for a kickflip on a board with Skater Trainers

Skater setting up for a kickflip on a board with Skater Trainers

Boost Your Skater Skills Safely

The Skater Trainer 2.0 provides a safe and effective way to practice tricks, reducing the risk of injury. By allowing riders to focus on the fundamental movements of a trick in a low-risk way. This helps skaters learn faster and gain consistency in a trick before attempting it on concrete, greatly increasing their chances of success.
A great feature of Skater Trainers, is that they provide a more authentic skateboarding experience compared to some of the similar types of trainers on the market. They allow you to use your own board with the wheels locked up, creating a non-rolling setting for your setup. This means you can learn tricks on your regular board, making it easier to transition to landing them on concrete once you gain confidence with Skater Trainers.

Skateboarder mid-kickflip with a board with Skater Trainers

Kickflip with Skater Trainers.

Unlock New Moves: Ollies, Flips, and Switch Tricks

Skater Trainers are versatile and cater to a wide range of moves, including ollies, flips, and switch tricks. They are compatible with most skateboard wheel sizes, including popular brands like Spitfire and Bones. Plus, they’re lightweight and durable, and installation is easy; simply stretch them over your skateboard’s wheels, and you’re ready to start practicing. When you’re done, removing them is just as easy.


Young skater removing Skater Trainers at skatepark

Skater Trainers are easy for kids to install themselves

Pros and cons of Skater Trainers:


  • Provides a safe learning environment for beginners, allowing them to focus on mastering tricks without worrying so much about balance or their board shooting out.
  • Ideal for learning ollies and flip tricks like kickflips, which are fundamental skills for intermediate to advanced level skateboarding
  • Convenient, can be used anywhere.


  • Limited use for certain tricks
  • Eventually, riders still need to commit to landing moves on concrete. However, by using Skater Trainers, they can develop improved technique, confidence, and a better understanding of the tricks before doing so.


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Wrapping it up…


In conclusion, Skater Trainers are an excellent everyday tool for anyone looking to accelerate their learning of skateboarding tricks in a fast and safe manner. While skateboarding will always involve challenges and a certain level of risk, Skater Trainers offer a valuable way to build confidence and refine skills. If you’re looking to take your skateboarding skills to the next level, Skater Trainers are definitely a a training tool worth looking into.